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Do You Only Use Your Spell Check?

Do you only rely on the spell check feature when writing. You do realize that even if the words are spelled right they may be the wrong words used. Always proof read your work. Read it out loud to yourself and just see how it sounds. If it sounds a little goofy take a closer look at what you have written. Then after you do your proof reading, give it to someone else to read.

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Cyber Vandalism, Skype Hackers and Social Networks

This is a post of a marketing friend of mine Marj Wyatt. This was posted on August 25, 2010 and is still a problem today. You can also see other posts by Marj here Please read her post below…

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Can’t find your IP address?

I just thought I would post this because I have had trouble in the past finding my IP for one reason or the other.

I was wanting to set a filter in Google Analytics so that when I visited my own sites it would not register as a visit. So I wanted to exclude my IP address.

If you ever want to know your IP address go to this site and it tells you in big bold numbers.

The Internet Marketer’s Code of Ethics

It has come to my attention and the attention of many of my Internet Marketing colleagues that a huge percentage of people in our community are operating in an unethical, often illegal, manner. In our own spheres of influence, those of us who still believe in “white hat” (ethical, honest) practices are taking to task those we know who are leaning to the “dark side” (dishonest, deceptive, unethical practices).

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Do You Tweet?

Free twitter badge
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Tweet Traffic Rush is a FREE tool that easily helps you drive tons of traffic to your web site.  Truth is, this is one Twitter Tool I highly recommend, while most others are a total waste of your time.

Here’s the problem with Twitter tools…
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