Cyber Vandalism, Skype Hackers and Social Networks

This is a post of a marketing friend of mine Marj Wyatt. This was posted on August 25, 2010 and is still a problem today. You can also see other posts by Marj here Please read her post below…


Skype is an invaluable business building tool. Not only does it allow you to conduct business internationally without incurring international long distance charges, it make is very easy to share large files and engage your customers in video chats when the need arises.

There is a dark side to Skype. Hackers prey on naive online users. Last year’s hacker game was to usurp an account and initiate contact with all confirmed contacts, inviting those people to accept files. Even though I do not consider myself to be naive, I was duped into accepting and opening a file, in March 2009, when a seemingly active client offered it to me. When I lost access to my Skype account, I realized I had been hacked. It took a few days to put everything back together and it was a real headache.

I haven’t accepted any spontaneously offered files or clicked on any uninvited links since that time, even if the offer is extended by a long-term contact on my list.

This year’s hacker game is to hijack an account and offer a link that looks like a Skype link to all confirmed contacts in that account. With a slight amount of scrutiny, it is obviously not a link you should follow. The link will probably ask you to login to your Skype account, at which point the hacker has your credentials. If you have a Skype subscription attached to your PayPal account, the hackers can run up huge expenses for you. Skype takes no responsibility for this. Neither does PayPal.

When my Skype account was hijacked in March 2009, I had no Skype subscriptions but friends of mine who were hacked by the hackers who hacked me were harmed financially. A hacker’s sole intention is to steal something from you. They are clever people and it is truly a shame that they have chosen to use their creative talent for malicious intent.

Safe computing and surfing is an old topic but its relevance is not stale. It is comprised of more than running Spyware blockers and Antivirus software, especially if you are a member of any internet messaging application.

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5 Responses to “Cyber Vandalism, Skype Hackers and Social Networks”

  • Hello, Dennis…

    Excellent! as is usual from you. This went right to my Facebook Wall and as you I hope it helps someone avoid the pitfalls that lay in wait for those not paying attention.

    Thanks, Dennis.


  • Hi Dennis

    Thanks for re posting this. Hacker are the worst and the lowest of the low in my opinion. If they are so good why don’t they turn their attention to doing something useful.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald´s last blog post ..Do Not Buy Leads

  • Dee:

    Hi Mari
    It’ terrible that your account got hijacked. I didn’t realise that could happen or the implications so thanks to you and Dennis for this post.
    Furtunately I only use my Skype account to contact my sister and a friend. I only use the free option so they have no payment details.
    It pays to be vigilant these days, but it is such a shame that it is necessary.
    Dee´s last blog post ..Subscribing to email lists

  • Max:

    Skype being hacked is bad enough. But I had not thought through the combination of Skype and an attached Paypal account.

    Pretty gruesome prospect if one is not careful. Thank for the warning, Marj. Much appreciated.

    Max´s last blog post ..The Foundations of Internet Marketing Success

  • Nice article dennis, I might be a bit late on reading it though. I have had my facebook nd twitter accounts hacked multipple times!

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