Did you join “End of the Rainbow JV Giveaway” yet?

Hey everyone as you know I have been promoting JV Giveaways for quite some time now.Well I am now co-hosting with Rhia Taylor my very first JV Giveaway called “End of the Rainbow JV Giveaway“. It would be really nice to see you there. We are giving away some cash prizes and paying up to 100% commissions on upgrades and special offers.

It’s one of the many ways  to build your list. Yes they are freebie seekers and some say they are not that good to make money from but I have found that if you treat them right and build a relationship with them you can turn them into buyers.

Remember when you started out you  were most likely a freebie seeker too. I bet you now spend a few bucks here and there and they will too. So my advice would be never dismiss a freebie seeker as a useless name on your list.


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