Five Ways to Build Your List Using JV Giveaways

To follow up my recent post on JV Giveaways, today’s post is written by David Walker who is an experienced giveaway host and regular participant in such events. Here he gives his top five tips to build your list effectively using giveaways.

1. Enter Lots of Giveaways

Despite being used as a list building method in the internet marketing niche for several years, giveaways have become quite fashionable of late.

There are more giveaways taking place at any given time than there ever have been, presenting you with more opportunities to get your product in front of people than ever before!

Therefore, it makes sense to enter every giveaway you can as a contributor. The more giveaways you enter, the more people you put your product in front of and the more chances you have of adding subscribers to your mailing list.

2. Submit an Original Product

An increase in giveaways and the number of contributors submitting their products means there is more competition to get those precious subscribers.

You need an edge. That edge is your own product because it means no other contributor can submit it and no member will already have it, two problems you face if you try to submit somebody else’s product you have resell rights to.

Your own product allows you to get your personal brand out into your niche. You can add your own story, relevant experiences and even your own affiliate links to make money online if you create your own PDF report.

If you create a video or MP3 product, your subscribers will be able to see your face and hear your voice, building an instant rapport.

3. To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

All giveaways will offer you the chance to upgrade your membership to a paid account, enabling you to submit more gifts and enjoy a more prominent position in the event.

However, not all events are of equal quality and only a minority are worth upgrading in. Some events attract huge levels of traffic whereas others just pass by quietly.

If you are a beginner I’d recommend you enter as many giveaways as you can but only as a free member. This will allow you to experience lots of events run by different people and you can get a feel for what is good and what is barely worth your time.

4. Maintain Your Own Giveaway List

As a contributor, you will be expected to promote the giveaways you enter. If you don’t, your account could be “downgraded” which means your gift is removed from the event and nobody will be able to join your mailing list.

A great way to both promote and keep a track of all the giveaways you participate in is to maintain an event list.

You can do this by creating a page on your blog and list all the giveaway events you have contributed to or you can download the free Giveaway Announcer script to maintain all of the events you enter.

The advantage of using the script is it will automatically show the members sign up link when the giveaway launches and will delete the event when it ends, saving you a lot of manual work updating if you participate in numerous events.

5. Promote Any Way You Can

As well as using your own list, you can promote the JV giveaways several other ways without your own mailing list.

You can blast out your referral links on Twitter and Facebook and add them to the sig files of any forums you participate in regularly.

If you are getting very little traffic to these sources then you may need to approach people directly and ask them to sign up via your referral link. Maintain a list of contacts on Skype and arrange to join events under each other’s referral links to prevent downgrading.

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5 Responses to “Five Ways to Build Your List Using JV Giveaways”

  • Dennis Pippin:

    Thanks David for this awesome post. For those of you that want to build your list with JV giveaways David has given you some solid advice. You need keep a look out for the JV giveaways that is sponsored by David Walker, they are some of the best!!! They bring in some big names and even bigger numbers. Thanks again David.
    Dennis Pippin

  • I loved it . Will definitely be writing about this post. don’t worry , i will credit you and your blog , if you don;t mind.

  • I can see a great improvement in your writing, I’ll love to get in touch. Keep up the great work! Your Posts are very inspirational for someone who is new to this type of stuff.

  • This is a fantastic site for people that are trying to build their list. Thank you for all the great information!!!

  • The problem with Private label rights items is that buyers usually do not work with it properly. People need to either apply it to find tips for things to write about or perhaps fully re-write it or ” spin ” it up and then simply place their own brand into it.

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