What can I do to start building my list from scratch?

OK, let’s say you’re new to list building and you want to start building your list. You are wondering to yourself , how do I get it started?  Before you do anything you will need hosting, someone with good reviews  like Hostgator and a good auto-responder that is user friendly like Aweber. NEVER get these services free, always use mainstream paid services. I’ve heard more horror stories about the mentor that supplied the hosting and auto responder and then you decided to get out and couldn’t take anything with you.  So all your efforts were all for nothing and you are starting over again. So don’t do it!!!

Now that you have those two services you need to put a sign-up form on your website or blog giving a free report of some kind in exchange for their name and email. Just like the one to the right of this post. That’s just one way to start your list but it is going to be rather slow until you drive traffic to your site. There are two other ways you start your list from zero a little bit faster.

JV Giveaways…

You can use JV Giveaways to start your list but it can be a long time before you can get 500 subs to swap with. When I’m using JV Giveaways to build my list up I will join 4 to 6 at a time. I will try to find the ones that pay 100% commissions on upgrades and OTO’s (one time offers). I do this because I will upgrade in the event as long as it is $17 or less. I will pay more but only if I know the event holder and how the event went previously.

The advantage to upgrading in the JV Giveaway is that you get to submit more than one free gift, submit OTO’s and submit text ads. You get higher commissions on anybody that upgrades using your affiliate link and the two most important reasons to upgrade, your gifts show on the random gift page along with showing closer to the front of the event. This will give you greater exposure that will get more new subscribers.

Solo Ads…

Another way is to buy a solo ad from someone that has a larger list and this is a way to build your list on the fast track. Solo ads can cost from .30 to .45 per unique click. Say if you had a good converting offer that converts around 50% you can get 500 subs with a 1000 click solo ad for $300 to $450. Just be careful and make sure the clicks only come from them mailing to their list and not sending you clicks from TE’s (Traffic Exchanges) or safe lists because these kind of clicks DO NOT CONVERT. You can also buy smaller solo ads from some marketers if the 1000 click is not in your budget. You can get 100 clicks for $35 and up.

No matter which of the techniques you use, a good sales funnel should be in place to recover some of your costs . If you know how, you can build one yourself or you can pay someone to build one for you. I build sales funnels and charge an average price of $297 and up depending on how detailed it is and that is the going price within the network I’m in. I have seen the same sales funnels go for $597 and up, so just use your best judgment when shopping for one.

So now you have the three ways to build your list from scratch, putting a sign-up form on your blog or website, JV Giveaways and solo ads. Once you have a list of 500 plus, doors start to open and your list will grow much faster.

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18 Responses to “What can I do to start building my list from scratch?”

  • Hey Dennis,
    Such a cooool blue looking site. I love your header!

    I haven’t explored JVs yet. Something to look into once I have my own product

    Plus, it’s probably a good idea to use different ways to build a list. Diversify, as they say.

    Thanks for the great post.

    • Dennis Pippin:

      Hello Louise,

      Thanks for the compliment on the look of the site. It’s a free theme and took me days of searching before choosing this one. I also really did like the cool blue look.

      If you ever want to get into the JV Giveaway scene you can always come back here to see who’s accepting contributors. I try to keep it updated. You can also find me in the forum to ask questions about them.


  • Hi Dennis,

    I like this intro to list building; especially the part about how to choose a Giveaway and what to look for. All Giveaway events are not created equal, or run equal, either.

    What do you put in your sales funnels?

    .-= Anthony´s last blog ..Perfection v Mastery =-.

    • Dennis Pippin:

      Hey Anthony,

      Thanks for stopping by. You have asked what is in my sales funnels, well there is no easy answer because it all depends on what the client wants. Of course they start with a opt-in page and a download page. Now in between there could be 1-3 OTOs and of course the download pages for them. I also like to include an already subscribed page, this is what most don’t even think of. It’s unused/forgotten real estate! There are several ways to build a funnel. I don’t do them for free so it also depends on what the client wants to pay for.


      • You sure are organised with your sales funnels – or success funnels as Gary of IBCX likes to call ‘em – I’m just starting down that road.

        My biggest hold ups in establishing a sales funnel have been in finding good stuff to sell. I’m too damn picky; most of what’s on offer I’d not even give away. But I’m learning to be less picky.
        Anthony Smits´s last blog post ..Surviving the Blog – who’s best for the team?

  • Hi Dennis,

    I like the feel and structure of your blog here.
    This is from a fellow IBCX member.
    You have some good points relating to list building. With Joint Ventures from all that I heard and read, yes you want to deal with reputable people and people that you know.

    In my case, I’d say I have maybe just 3 or 4 months experience under my belt in this business.

    I’ve heard it said, if you want to be in business, Just get in it and do it. You work out the kinks along the way.

    I’ll be back to see some more of what you have to say.

    Good Advice/Post my Friend,


  • Dennis Pippin:

    Hi Jurgen,

    Good to see you here. You say you have limited experience in the IM world.Well you made a great choice for joining the IBCX course because it will take you to the next level and beyond. I haven’t seen you in the IBCX forum??? You should get in there soon. There is a wealth of information and even as much help from the IBCX members. I hope to see you there.


  • Hi Dennis

    I thought I had visited here before but I am here now. Yes building a list can be a daunting task and you really need to get some quality subscribers.

    Without subscribers you cannot sell any products and that is what we are all aiming for.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald´s last blog post ..Getting Traffic To Your Site

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