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JV Giveaway Updates

All giveaways are mostly free for contributors and members. As a contributor they allow you to give 1 gift unless you upgrade. As an upgraded member you get to submit  One Time Offers and multiple gifts. Your gifts also rotate on the first  gift page the members will see which gets you more sign-ups.

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Do You Know About List Building?

When I started this Internet Marketing thing I continually heard THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST. Well, what the heck did this mean? It meant that I needed to learn about list building and how to get a list of my own.

I read all the ebooks on list building and still didn’t have a clue! Most of them were just a bunch of dribble and didn’t tell you a darn thing. They didn’t tell you how to build a list or what tools you needed for list building.

So I did my research and discovered all the tools needed, mostly by trial and error. I did come across two very informative people that helped me understand how to get started in building my list, Chris Farrell and Kim Roach. They are the experts in helping the new comers to Internet Marketing.

Since then I have started my own list building program and have written my very first ebook called List Building Made Simple of which you can get FREE by clicking HERE.

I will be posting more about list building, so come back soon!



dennis at home 007mHello, my name is Dennis Pippin and WELCOME to my blog Dennis I am in the beautiful Pacific North West, Oregon, USA.

I have been bombing (chasing) around the Internet for a couple of years now failing at all the MLMs and get rich quick schemes. I have come to realize the errors of my ways. I have found that MLMs only work if you are one of the founders and/or know a ton about getting traffic. The get rich schemes only work for the ones that con you into spending thousands of dollars to join and get them to work (make money).

They both tell you what you need to do to get them to work and make money at them. What they don’t tell you is how to do all the steps needed to succeed at making a full time income.

My goal here at Dennis is to tell you what you need to succeed and how to do the steps needed to succeed. I am in the Internet Marketing niche, but don’t let this turn you off because the information here will work with any niche you are currently pursuing. The tools you need and the procedures are all the same.

So, I would like to invite you back and check in from time to time and see what I am up to. I am sure there will be something of use to help you succeed in your online endeavors.

To Your Success

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